Install VMWareEdit

It is not possible to run VMWare and HyperV at the same time.

So a dual boot will need to be setup. The following describes how to do this.

Create a dual boot without HyperVEdit

A quick trick if you want to run VMWare workstation on a machine that's running Hyper-V.

Normally you can't run VMWare when the Hyper-V role is enabled on a machine, as the hypervisor will claim some resources upon startup ... which are also needed by VMWare to run its virtual machines.

  • Open a command prompt and type the following:
bcdedit /copy {default} /d "Windows Without Hypervisor"
The above command should say: The entry was successfully copied to {guid}. 
  • Copy that guid to the clipboard (including the curly braces!). 
  • Finally, execute the following command in the command prompt:
bcdedit /set {guid} hypervisorlaunchtype off {guid} 
Replace {guid} with the GUID that you copied in step 2.