For each platform a different UI must be created. This table shows which controls have the same behavior in different environments. This page is a list of all the controls that are currently available and are planned to be created in the future.


TeaLight Windows Android Ios
Boolean BoolControl CheckBox, ToggleButton, ToggleSwitch BooleanElement, BoolElement, CheckBoxElement, CheckBox
DateTime DateTimeControl DateElement, DateTimeElement, TimeElement, DatePicker, DigitalClock
Decimal DecimalControl
Double DoubleControl
Enum EnumControl

ComboBox, RadioButton, CheckBox, ListBox

RadioElement, RadioButton
Int IntControl TextBox, Slider
Parent One ParentOneControl ComboBox
Parent Many ParentManyControl
String StringControl TextBox, RichTextBox MultiLineEntryElement, StringElement, StringMultilineElement, StyledMultilineElement, EditText, TimePicker


TeaLight Windows Android Ios
Text LabelControl TextBlock, RichtTextBlock MultiLineElement, StringDisplayingValueElement
Image ImageControl Image ImageElement
Media MediaElement VideoView
Html WebView WebContentElement
Progress ProgressBar, ProgressRing ProgressBar
Map Map


TeaLight Windows Android Ios
Panel PanelControl
Stack Panel StackPanelControl StackPanel LinearLayout
Grid Grid Table
Scroll Viewer ScrollViewer ScrollView
Tab Page


TeaLight Windows Android Ios
List ListView MvxBindableListView
Matrix GridView


TeaLight Windows Android Ios
Button ButtonControl Button ButtonElement, Button
Hyperlink HyperlinkControl HyperlinkButton


TeaLight Windows Android Ios
Control Control Control Element
UserControl UserControl ViewElement
Property PropertyControl ValueElement

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